Tuesday, October 12, 2010

taking the plunge

no, not that plunge. we're already married, remember?

and no, not that other one either. we. are. NOT. PREGNANT.

ok. so can i tell you WHICH plunge i'm referring to?


it's becoming glaringly clear that for whatever reason, i'm just not destined to get a real job. anytime soon. at least that's how it feels.

case in point: last weeks' job interview. for an advertising company. sounded pretty good on the careerbuilder.com website. so i applied figuring i wouldn't even rate a phone call since i have zero sales experience. not only did i get a call, i got an interview. okay. so i went. and about 1/3 of the way through the "pre-interview" (yes, she basically called it that), i realized that this was one of those 100% commission gigs. um, no thanks. i fully understand that my unemployment will not last forever. and that we both need to find a job, any job so that we will be able to pay our bills. but a job where they DON'T PAY YOU? um, no. because as far as i'm concerned? a 100% commission job is a job that doesn't pay you. with a 14 month old? that's not really an option. so i deliberately gave a bad answer to ensure that i wouldn't get called in for a 2nd interview. mission accomplished!

that leads me back to the SELF-EMPLOYMENT thing. back in august we went to the fair. at the fair was a book booth with a "ask me how to earn income from home" banner. so i asked. and was intrigued. and looked into it some more. and by the end of the weekend, had decided to sign up as an independent consultant. i've done a home show (with a few in the works) and worked a fair & some other "booth" events. i'm set to work a book fair with my sponsor & finally earn my first bit of commission. yes. commission. see, this is also a commission only type job. but? these books sell themselves, so i have no fear about it. and? i don't have to leave this everyday.

because really. who would WANT to leave THAT FACE everyday for 10+ hours? sure as HELL not me!

so i've been doing the book thing since the end of august. and have made sales of roughly $1000. cool. but i'm not quite as busy as i'd hoped. and since i figured that i should probably take the bull by the horns, i'm also signing up tomorrow to be an independent consultant for pampered chef. i figure that between the two i should be able to bring a decent amount of money in. maybe not enough to replace a full time income for me, but then i'd only need to get a part time job to supplement my SELF-EMPLOYMENT! those words still scare the crap outta me!

anyhow, that's where i am at this point. trying to take control of my own destiny and make some good things happen for my family. i figure if i'm going to "sell" something, then it might as well be something i love & something that my family can use. because let's face it. who doesn't LOVE books & pampered chef??

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uthostage said...

I know it's scary, but you can do it. :) I know being away from Ju-Ju is not ideal, but then again neither is not paying your bills. Bills just plain suck anyway! :S

And if you happen to get offered/take a 9-5 in the future, then the business income will be frosting.