Friday, September 2, 2011

and that's when things went splat & i fell off the face of the earth


it's been awhile. a great while. i'm aware.

i'm also aware that i am most likely writing this purely for myself. which is totally fine with me. it's an outlet.

things have been hectic since i last wrote. back in OCTOBER of 2010.

this is what's been going down over here:

  • we went to texas for christmas and saw my brother & his wife & vrock's family.

  • we came home and i had surgery on my foot, a little more than a year after i first injured it. (long story)

  • after surgery, i couldn't walk for EIGHT WEEKS. ugh. i do not reccommend that with a 16 month old in the house.

  • i had been getting a flow of business going, then couldn't do anything do to surgery.

  • vrock, unable to find work here, opted to move to texas to look for work in april.

  • vrock, unable to to find work in texas, moved home at the end of june.

  • i got a job at the end of may and worked there until mid-july when i quit because i HATED IT.

  • the same week i quit, got a call from an agency that found me online. i didn't get the first placement they put me up for, but i DID get the second contract they put me up for.

  • which means, I GOT A JOB!

  • and of course, both businesses are starting to BLOW UP!

bottom line. add in a now TWO year old, getting up at 5am to get to the new job, working the fair a few nights to promote the businesses, booking parties, and trying to find time to sleep and you've got ONE MEGA TIRED MOMMY!

but, i'm back. while i have time during the day to actually breathe.

hope you check in occassionally and say hi!

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