Sunday, September 5, 2010

has it really been 3.5 months since i last wrote? it seems so much longer than that!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we're back. at least for a bit.

what have i been doing you ask?

surprisingly, not much.

here's whats been happening since we went on vacation in may:
  • after getting back from hawaii, we made plans to go to texas to see vrock's family. then we actually went. to texas. in july. yes, i am an idiot.
  • vrock was forced to "retire" from his job due to lack of work.
  • i continue to look for a job, any kind of job, and it continues to be an excercise in futility.
  • my bff came to visit the weekend before my birthday and took me to see her husband in concert! (ok, ok. so he's only her husband in her head. DON'T tell her that! LOL)
  • i sort of started my own business last week. not much has come of it yet, but i'm hopeful that it will at least bring a little money in the door.
  • jdogg turned ONE! (how in the hell did that happen? i told that boy he wasn't allowed to grow up!)
  • vrock & i have seriously considered moving to texas, provided that he can obtain a job with the company he had to "retire" from.
  • we continue to prepare to go to san francisco at the end of the month for my brother's wedding. those preparations included buying a tux for jdogg. OMG! so! freaking! cute!

and while all of that has been exciting/caused anxiety/thrilling/sad, i find that time is zooming by and i never seem to have time to do ANYTHING without major planning sessions. and even then, if it's not something ESSENTIAL? it doesn't make the cut.

for someone who doesn't work outside the home, is living with family (and therefore not really responsible for "household chores"), and is still drawing unemployment, i have NO IDEA where all of my time goes!

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Navy Bean said...

The cost of living is very cheap in Texas AND we could actually meet each other then (maybe, when I visit). I too never have any time. I think babies are time vampires!