Monday, December 29, 2008

post holiday blahs

my brother & his girlfriend got in on friday and will be leaving on thursday. we spent friday night at my parents (the snow/ice/slush was so bad that we couldn't get up their driveway and had to park at the bottom. because of that and the fact that we didn't get done with our christmas stuff until around 11, we spent the night.) saturday we came home and just chilled out. sunday it was back over to the old homestead to watch football and just hang out. all in all, good times.

then today i woke up for work and started feeling sick while i was in the shower. dizzy, achy, the whole ball of wax. so i opted to stay home (what's one more day off when i'm only there for another 12 working days??)

i have gotten REALLY disorganized the last couple weeks, which is not like me. there's been so much going on though, that i've gotten a little lax. so today after i finally dragged myself out of bed (feeling marginally better) i paid the bills.


while i knew that the chances of vrock & i having to move back in with my parents after next month was almost a foregone conclusion (unless by some miracle we BOTH get jobs in the next 4 days) i didn't realize JUST how much our funds were depleted. it was depressing to say the least. part of it is that this year has been really difficult for us both as far as jobs go. there was a period of about 6 weeks this year when our jobless status overlapped. that was hard. then, he had his surgery and we've got those bills added on to our regular bills. it just sucks.

so, the reality is this: we have a LITTLE money (after i pay the rent on thursday) left in the bank and i'll get 2 more paychecks from my job before we're done there. we have to give 30 days notice of moving out (which, with our lease up on 2/1 means THURSDAY we have to give notice). then we have to pack all this stuff up again and most of it will have to go into storage as there's just not any room at mom & dad's for it.

on the plus side, i'll be getting unemployment (until i finish my online transcription course and can start working as that from home), we won't have to pay rent/utilities and with not having to pay those, hopefully we'll be able to pay our bills down enough that within 6 months or so (maybe sooner) we'll be able to move out again and be on better footing.

here's to 2009: may it be nicer to everyone job-wise than 2008 was.

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stayc said...

2009 will be better - keep believing that. stay strong and know that lots of people love you me! lol