Friday, December 19, 2008

snow hell

so we were told last weekend that we were going to get snowed on. it happens from time to time, but it's not usually too awful. every once in a while we get really dumped on, but thankfully it's not that often. so this is what it looked like on saturday night/sunday morning:

not too bad. i can deal with that. roads weren't too awful. there were parts that were worse than others, but for the most part it was all good. of course, ANY amount of snow meant that vrock was out in it as soon as possible.

then came thursday night. and 7 inches of snow. which of course, meant this:

this was the view out of our back door. snow. lots and lots of snow. (our apartment is on the greenbelt, which always makes for a nice view.)

we ventured out today because i had an interview. (it's a long story and when i find out what's going on, hopefully on monday, i'll fill you in.) i made vrock drive because i DON'T DO SNOW as far as driving. so that meant that i had my hands free to take some shots while we were driving through town. this one was my favorite.

i hope that you all are safe wherever you are and that the weather is being kinder to you than it's been to us the last few days. we're supposed to get one more system through here this weekend that is supposed to drop another 1-3" on us. and then?

HEATWAVE! it's supposed to get up to 35 on tuesday and it might just break 40 by christmas. i can only dream of RAIN! LOL

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stayc said...

u crack me up! u don't do snow driving? that's so funny! it could always be worse ..... britt & mom are below 0 in wisconsin. lol