Tuesday, January 6, 2009

busy, busy, busy

2009 has started.

boy has it started.

i've got 8 days left of work. we're moving on the 30th. there's so much to be done and not that much time.

even my planning ahead (picking up used moving boxes from a gal on craigslist) backfired.

i got the boxes no problem. but then i locked my keys in my car. vrock was at his brother's about 45 minutes away. my cell & purse were in the car.

luckily, mom & dad still have a spare for the car i was in. (thank God that i wasn't in the volvo, as we only have 2 keys for that car and they're WEIRD ones!) dad drove out and opened the car for me but still. grrrr! (and the people i was getting the boxes from were very nice and let me stay inside until dad got there.)

it's been one of those years. already.

is it february yet?

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stayc said...

murphy's law hun ..... LOL