Thursday, October 30, 2008

is it friday yet?

is it? i so need it to be.

i need it for various reasons:

  1. vrock will be getting a call today from the contract gig people to let him know when to come to work
  2. if it's friday, i get to sleep in the next day
  3. if it's friday, i get paid
  4. did i mention the one about getting to sleep in the next day?

i don't know what it is this week (maybe vrock's post op mishap that caused him to miss his start date at the contract gig, maybe listening to bob "big game hunter" cry and cry yesterday as i took him to the groomer) but this week has totally sapped me of energy.

all i want to do is go home, put on my sweats and curl up on the couch and totally veg out. and if i'm really lucky, vrock will go over to his brother's place on saturday and i can do that without feeling like i should be using my time for good. or, at least, you know. getting some shit done around the house.

(not that i WANT my husband to go away, because i don't. i just don't want to feel guilty for not doing anything!)

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