Monday, October 27, 2008

and we have relapse

vrock has a post op infection.


the last 14 months have been a trying time for us. some very good things have happened and some very bad things have happened.

  • we had our first anniversary and went to vegas
  • we returned to vegas and got married
  • we got our first apartment together
  • we celebrated 6 months of wedded bliss yesterday
  • i got a job in my industry again after almost a year out of it


  • i got laid off
  • i couldn't find a job in my industry, so i applied for & got a job as a 911 operator
  • between moving, getting married & starting a new job i was sufficiently stressed to the point of being sick for 4 weeks.
  • i ended up quitting the 911 gig because of the stress/illness
  • within 3 weeks of getting married & returning home, we both lost our jobs (his permanent, mine temp)
  • he's had a hell of a time finding a job that pays decent money
  • he had sinus surgery & a wrist injury

he was to have started his new contract gig this morning. "was to" being the operative words there. due to his infection, the fact that he can't see the doc until tomorrow & the fact that since he can barely breathe he didn't get more than 30 minutes of sleep last night, he didn't.

luckily for us, the company he'll be contracting for is AWESOME and when he called his liasion this morning, he was told to go to his appointment tomorrow and come in on wednesday to start instead. THANK GOD! i was REALLY freaking this morning (and maybe not overly the caring wife i normally am) because we really need that money that he'll be bringing in & i was afraid that they'd just replace him for not coming in today.

can you say WHEW?!?!

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Stacia said...

I'll be praying for vrock, that the infection goes away and everything gets better. At least you know you have a strong marriage, going through all of that in such a short period of time!