Friday, October 31, 2008

here we go again

so it appears that i may be unemployed again. and soon.

my boss called me yesterday to let me know that they are going to be eliminating 2 positions and restructuring mine, in order to absorb the duties of the 2 being eliminated.

which? could be a GREAT thing for me.

or it could be a totally sucky thing for me.

see, the other 2 people, both are interested in the position that will be remaining. MY position. they've both been here longer than me, although one is only by a few months.

because we all already work for the company, there is some sort of internal hr thing that we have to do instead of a traditional interview process. my boss doesn't know what that is yet, but we're hoping to know BOTH what it is and what the outcome is by next friday if not sooner.

because, if i DO end up having to leave? (and, let's face it, it's a 66% chance) then i have to give notice at the apartment because we won't be able to afford to stay there.

which would suck. big time.

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Stacia said...

I hope everything goes great! I'm sure you'll get the job. I'll be praying for you.