Monday, November 3, 2008

after all, tomorrow is another day

in the good news department: vrock will FINALLY be starting his contract gig tomorrow.

(as you may or may not recall, he was due to start it last week when he was felled by a combo cold/post op infection. the rest of the week he struggled to get SOMEONE to call him back to let him know when to come in.)

it happened, as it always does that he was preparing to go apply somewhere else when he got the call saying they wanted him to start tomorrow. he still applied at the other place as it was for a full time, permanent position AND it pays $5 an hour more than the contract position. we'll keep our fingers crossed and keep saying copious prayers and hope it all works out in the end.

on my end of the job saga, i may know something tomorrow.

my boss has a call with HR scheduled for noon tomorrow. i'm staying positive and proactive. as much as i want this job and to stay with my company, i'm not naive and i know there's a very real chance that i could be one of the odd women out here. with that in mind i've spend the last few days polishing my resume and getting it out to anyone and everyone i can think of.

there will be more crossing of appendages and a plethora of prayers to that end.

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