Thursday, October 23, 2008

catching up

has it been a week already? wow.

last weekend was VERY low key what with vrock having surgery on wednesday. we ran some errands, did some shopping & watched some football.

then i was sick on monday. (no fun AT ALL) and the rest of the week i've been busy with work.

so that brings us to today. i've done most of my work already and it's not even noon yet. (makes for a long day.)

this weekend is the big notre dame vs. univeristy of washington game that vrock & i have been waiting for since his birthday. i hope we have a good day for it. it's an evening game, so we'll need to be prepared to freeze our butts off.

vrock got a contract gig with a MAJOR corporation that we're hoping could become permanent down the road AND the other job he was working before his surgery & wrist ailment? they want him to come back too! it's only a part time job, but the hours he'll be working at the new place are such that he'd be able to do BOTH jobs, should he choose to do so. he's leaning towards doing that, which would be a MAJOR help to our finances. he's just going to wait a few more weeks before he tries to go back to the part time job to make sure that he's recovered enough.

i'm cautiously optimistic that things are looking up for us.

now, if only i could get knocked up.....

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Stacia said...

I'm glad things are looking up! Maybe now you won't be so stressed out, which can only help in the baby departmentd! Good luck (and remember to have fun)!