Friday, August 22, 2008

my husband gave me a box of cheese its for my birthday...

you read that correctly.

cheese its. for my birthday present.

now, to be fair, i did WANT cheese its. have been craving them, in fact. i just didn't want them for my birthday present.

truthfully, vrock does A LOT for me. little things, big things. he does it all. i get the feeling that sometimes he feels like he doesn't do enough though. which is just silly. but sometimes, he does tend to lean more to the "overboard" side than not.

take this birthday for example. last year, he gave me a beautiful wool peacoat from victoria's secret. true, i didn't actually receive the coat until sometime in february of this year, but it wasn't his fault that the coat was on backorder for so long. this year? i got my presents early. one (the wii fit that i asked for), i got at the beginning of the month. the rest? last night. 2 days before my birthday. and not because I wanted them early. no. but because he was just DYING to give them to me. it was rather cute, actually. like a little kid who can't keep a secret and HAS to tell you what it is.

so this year has been rough. between us both being unemployed (sometimes at the same time), getting married and dealing with various illnesses, we've been more stressed out than normal. and i think he felt the need to try to compensate for that. so here's what i got:

1 $50 gift card to the cheesecake factory
1 snowglobe of a married couple
1 "you rock" magnet for the fridge
1 wii fit (previously given)
1 box of cheese its

what? you thought i was kidding about the cheese its??

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