Tuesday, August 26, 2008

is it friday yet?

it's not that i don't enjoy being at work. i do. i mean, that's where i get the most of my internet surfing time. it's just that this weekend we're going out of town.

here are the reasons why i'm itching for it to be friday:

we're taking the train and vrock's NEVER been on a train. frankly, he's more excited about that than he is about the fact that we're seeing poison on his birthday.

and? it's vrock's birthday on saturday.

and? we're seeing poison in concert & going somewhere neither of us has been. (salem, oregon for those that want to know.)

and? not only am i having a birthday cake awaiting us at the hotel when we check in, but i also have a FABULOUS present to give him. so i'm ready for it to be friday already. so i can enjoy the surprised look on his face.

and trust me. i WILL get a photo of the surprise. maybe not when he sees the cake, as i'm not exactly sure when that will get to us. it's supposed to be in our room when we check in, but it might be delivered shortly thereafter. that reminds me. i need to make sure to pack some tupperware or something to bring the leftover cake home. :)

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Stacia said...

I hope you have a great weekend! Can't wait to hear what the surprise is. Have a fun train ride!