Friday, August 15, 2008

weekend plans

so this weekend we have a surprise party to go to. for one of my dearest friends 30th birthday.

vrock is happy because this means that we're actually GOING OUT. as in, out of the house and not only to run errands or go to my parent's for dinner.

real live going out. where we'll have to pay for drinks. and we can play darts. you know. things we can't do when we stay at home. for FREE.

it's not that i don't enjoy going out. it's just that with finances being what they've been the last few months, we don't go out very often. we don't order dinner. we just haven't had any extra money floating around. it's been like that for a lot of people. i'm a homebody by nature, so it hasn't really affected me all that much. it doesn't bother me to stay home and veg out.

but tomorrow we're going out.

wonder if vrock will have a heart attack if i go all out and wear make-up?

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