Thursday, September 8, 2011

now that THAT is over....

well that was quite the stretch of 2 weeks.

man, i'm tired. still. ugh.

first i started a new full time job. ok, that's a good thing, right?

it is. BUT. i had already committed to working at the local fair for 4 days. and those days? of course coincided with my first weeks of working. which meant that i worked 12 days straight before i got a day off. then? 1 day off, 1 shift at the fair and then boom. off on labor day and then right back into a work week.

plus? i have an event sat until 2ish. not that i'm complaining. i'm just really eyeing sunday when i can sleep in.

in the good news department, i got about 8 leads from one of the booths at the fair and when i started calling them yesterday, i booked a party. woot! so maybe, just maybe, that whole "paying for the time i spent in the booth & working the booth for free" thing might be starting to pay off. we'll see what the order totals look like.

back to work now. if i can stay awake long enough, that is.

Friday, September 2, 2011

and that's when things went splat & i fell off the face of the earth


it's been awhile. a great while. i'm aware.

i'm also aware that i am most likely writing this purely for myself. which is totally fine with me. it's an outlet.

things have been hectic since i last wrote. back in OCTOBER of 2010.

this is what's been going down over here:

  • we went to texas for christmas and saw my brother & his wife & vrock's family.

  • we came home and i had surgery on my foot, a little more than a year after i first injured it. (long story)

  • after surgery, i couldn't walk for EIGHT WEEKS. ugh. i do not reccommend that with a 16 month old in the house.

  • i had been getting a flow of business going, then couldn't do anything do to surgery.

  • vrock, unable to find work here, opted to move to texas to look for work in april.

  • vrock, unable to to find work in texas, moved home at the end of june.

  • i got a job at the end of may and worked there until mid-july when i quit because i HATED IT.

  • the same week i quit, got a call from an agency that found me online. i didn't get the first placement they put me up for, but i DID get the second contract they put me up for.

  • which means, I GOT A JOB!

  • and of course, both businesses are starting to BLOW UP!

bottom line. add in a now TWO year old, getting up at 5am to get to the new job, working the fair a few nights to promote the businesses, booking parties, and trying to find time to sleep and you've got ONE MEGA TIRED MOMMY!

but, i'm back. while i have time during the day to actually breathe.

hope you check in occassionally and say hi!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

taking the plunge

no, not that plunge. we're already married, remember?

and no, not that other one either. we. are. NOT. PREGNANT.

ok. so can i tell you WHICH plunge i'm referring to?


it's becoming glaringly clear that for whatever reason, i'm just not destined to get a real job. anytime soon. at least that's how it feels.

case in point: last weeks' job interview. for an advertising company. sounded pretty good on the website. so i applied figuring i wouldn't even rate a phone call since i have zero sales experience. not only did i get a call, i got an interview. okay. so i went. and about 1/3 of the way through the "pre-interview" (yes, she basically called it that), i realized that this was one of those 100% commission gigs. um, no thanks. i fully understand that my unemployment will not last forever. and that we both need to find a job, any job so that we will be able to pay our bills. but a job where they DON'T PAY YOU? um, no. because as far as i'm concerned? a 100% commission job is a job that doesn't pay you. with a 14 month old? that's not really an option. so i deliberately gave a bad answer to ensure that i wouldn't get called in for a 2nd interview. mission accomplished!

that leads me back to the SELF-EMPLOYMENT thing. back in august we went to the fair. at the fair was a book booth with a "ask me how to earn income from home" banner. so i asked. and was intrigued. and looked into it some more. and by the end of the weekend, had decided to sign up as an independent consultant. i've done a home show (with a few in the works) and worked a fair & some other "booth" events. i'm set to work a book fair with my sponsor & finally earn my first bit of commission. yes. commission. see, this is also a commission only type job. but? these books sell themselves, so i have no fear about it. and? i don't have to leave this everyday.

because really. who would WANT to leave THAT FACE everyday for 10+ hours? sure as HELL not me!

so i've been doing the book thing since the end of august. and have made sales of roughly $1000. cool. but i'm not quite as busy as i'd hoped. and since i figured that i should probably take the bull by the horns, i'm also signing up tomorrow to be an independent consultant for pampered chef. i figure that between the two i should be able to bring a decent amount of money in. maybe not enough to replace a full time income for me, but then i'd only need to get a part time job to supplement my SELF-EMPLOYMENT! those words still scare the crap outta me!

anyhow, that's where i am at this point. trying to take control of my own destiny and make some good things happen for my family. i figure if i'm going to "sell" something, then it might as well be something i love & something that my family can use. because let's face it. who doesn't LOVE books & pampered chef??