Thursday, February 12, 2009

settling in

i tried to post this yesterday & blogger ate my post. let's see if it "sticks" today.

life is slowly getting back to normal after the move. all of the big moving/storage issues are pretty much settled. there are still a few boxes & bags to go through and unpack/donate/trash but thankfully those number only about a dozen or so.

since we have limited room in our closet, i've been packing away items of clothing that i don't want to get rid of, but that i can't actually WEAR at the present moment. i'm not entirely sure if my belly has "popped" since i was a little chubbier than i'd like when i got pregnant. it definitely seems bigger to me though. LOL

since things are finally calming down, i'll be able to pick up the medical transcription course again and start studying. i'm halfway through the first class & have taken the midterm. i'm hoping to finish by the end of march if not sooner.

things at work are still kind of up in the air. since the initial push that preceeded me getting the 90 day extension, things have slowed a bit. which means, if it slows enough i'll be out before mid april when the extension was set to expire. we'll see what happens. we need the insurance, so i hope that doesn't happen (since i don't really want to pay for cobra a month or two early if i don't have to.) but part of me really would like to just be able to sleep in & study & look for jobs while getting unemployment. we'll have to see how that goes.

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