Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the braves can suck it

i am a die hard hometown fan kind of girl.

that said, i had hoped against hope that ken griffey jr would come home to seattle and resign with the mariners, even if it was only to end his career in the town that he helped save baseball in.

everything looked good for that for a while. and then the freaking atlanta braves swooped in at the 11th hour. and with that, seattle's dreams of welcoming home their beloved jr fell by the wayside.

i knew that it was a longshot that he'd actually come home. to a place where even after defecting 9 years ago, he received multiple standing ovations when he FINALLY returned to play ball (albeit as a visitor) in the last season or two. yes, i was longing for the nostalgic days. and yes, i realized that the chances weren't good once i heard that atlanta was in the mix.

but still. atlanta braves? you can suck it! you deprived this homer of a chance to reflect in the sweet nostalgic glow of one of baseball's good guys. and for that? i'll never forgive you.

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