Wednesday, January 21, 2009

one armed paper hanger

have you heard that expression? "i'm busier than a one armed paper hanger"? well that's been me the last week or so.

between helping more people at work, spending the weekends at my folks to help them make room for us to move back in and packing up our stuff? i'm fried. (then of course, there's also the finding stuff to post on craigslist that we don't want/need anymore!)

i'm not sure where i find the time to do anything that's not move related. oh wait. i DON'T.

luckily that will come to an end next week. (and i don't even have to do any heavy lifting! bonus!)

in other news, one of my "band kids" that i haven't seen since at least '94 (if not longer) is in seattle this week with his wife & son and we're going to attempt to meet up this afternoon for a quick catch up over coffee. (but only because he's willing to come to my office. LOL)

hopefully we'll be able to connect. with my 20 year reunion coming up this year (for both high schools i attended) AND one of my best friends' son being 18 already (seriously. who told him he could grow up??) i've been feeling a lot nostalgic these days and a little old. go figure. LOL having a 20 year reunion will do that to you, i suppose. then again, so will staring 38 in the face. at least i have 2+ years to face down 40. no such luck for vrock. that milestone hits this year.

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stayc said...

you are, of course, referring to my child, right? how do you think i feel? LOL

i know you guys will make it through the move. it sux, yes, but then you'll get to relax for a little while and allow good things to happen. :D