Friday, December 12, 2008

school update & misc stuff

so i've finished the first 6 (of 22) chapters of the medical transcriptionist class that i'm taking online. so far so good. i'm averaging 91% through the first 6 chapters. so not bad, considering i've been doing all of my reading/classwork while at work. the last 2 weeks i've had a few days of not feeling well, and i stayed home those days, so i didn't do any school work. i need to get back on track so that i can finish about 1 chapter a day.

i've got 3 chapters to go until the second review test & then the midterm is right after that. that'll put me approximately halfway through the first part of the class. (the 2nd part is the actual transcription part. what i'm doing right now is all medical terminology stuff.) i'm hoping to finish the terminology part this month so that i can concentrate on the transcription part next month. keep your fingers crossed.

in other news, a strange development has come up on the work front. i had signed up with a few temp agencies last year when i was laid off. nothing came of them, but i still have the contacts at a few. so when i needed them this year, i got back in touch with them and put them to work looking for jobs for me. while i'd prefer temp to hire, i'm amenable to taking a contract gig if everything works out.

in that vein, i went on 2 interviews this week. (they were for the SAME company, which is IRONICALLY the company i work for NOW.) one wanted me. yay! i thought, well, at least i'll be getting a paycheck for a little while longer, even though this was a contract position. i told my boss about it and he asked me to contact hr to see what the process was for that. (since i'm being "displaced" i had to sign a form saying that i'd stay through my notice period, etc and since my boss hasn't dealt with having to displace anyone before, he wasn't sure what the protocol was.) so i did. and i explained the situation to them. and i was told that i CANNOT accept the position through the temp agency. apparently since i'm ALREADY an employee of the company, the manager that wants to hire me would have to transfer me to their unit and have me work as a regular employee for the duration needed. then, once the need was fulfilled, my notice period would start back up.

all in all? VERY confusing. although i think i understand it now. so, long story short, even though i can't take the job through the agency (and the job was NOT posted internally), if my bosses boss is able to talk to the manager of the other unit AND that manager agrees, i may get to stay with my company a while longer. which would rock. so we'll see what happens.

keep your fingers crossed, k? thanks!


Stacia said...

I hope the job situation works out (but it gave me a headache reading about it!). I'm glad the school stuff is going well. How long will that take you? Is there any other exciting news? I hope so.

stayc said...

way to go with school hun! keep pluggin away & you'll get it, i know you will. :D i did have a little trouble following the work part, so i can imagine how confusing it must be for you. i'm sure it will all work out the way it's supposed to.