Wednesday, December 17, 2008

good news, bad news

so, the job thing? didn't work out. the other group either wouldn't or couldn't (i'm still not really sure which) transfer me over to their group for whatever time period they needed me for. which sucks. but isn't really a huge surprise these days. (what is anymore?)

that's the bad news.

the good?

my laptop came today! (yes, i'm at home. i used a weather/sick day today so that i could stay home.) i've been waiting for weeks for this laptop to get here, ever since i enrolled in school. there was a delay because they were missing a part, but it's here now. it doesn't have a bunch of bells & whistles, but it's mine. woo hoo!

we've been getting some REALLY fucked up weather here the last few days. it snowed over the weekend. not a lot, but enough to screw up the roads. ice, butt ass cold weather (HIGHS in the 20's!) and now more snow forecast for today made today a good day to stay home. lol. (i'm sure my boss didn't think so, but oh well.) as it is, i only have a few weeks left there (my last day is 1/16) so it's getting harder and harder to make myself go in. they're forcasting more snow this afternoon & evening (we didn't get any from this morning, THANK GOD!) and then again this weekend. vrock of course, is hoping for lots of snow. me, not so much.

i'm hoping that we stay in the snow free zone, but i'm not holding my breath.

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