Friday, November 14, 2008

dilemma city

this being in limbo about the specifics of my getting laid off is getting old.

i'm supposed to be "officially" notified on monday. finally! (not that i'm excited about losing my job, but at least i'll be able to ask questions of hr!)

  • there are quite a few questions i need to ask them. about our healthcare coverage should i NOT choose the lump sum payment.
  • about if i DO take the lump sum, do i have to pay that back if i get a job before the end of january?
  • about if i choose to do a non-working notice, am i still counted as an employee?

there is literally about 20 questions i need to get answers to.

see, there's this online transcription course i've been looking into taking. it is ideal for me as i already have a background in medical terminology from when i worked as a medical assistant for 5-6 years. plus, i already have a healthy typing speed, so i'm already ahead of the game. the course is sort of expensive ($2800 or $2600 if you pay the tuition in full) but, you get not only a brand new laptop included in all of the class materials but LIFETIME assistance with job placement. and as a transcriptionist, i could work from home. (plus, due to the ability to work remotely i would not be "limited" to jobs only in my immediate area.)

it's a lot to think about but i'm more and more leaning towards the "this is the way to go" route. after i'm able to ask all my questions next week, i'll know more, but i'm really thinking that if i can find a way to take this course, i will.

who knew i'd actually be looking forward to studying again??

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