Tuesday, November 18, 2008

1/2 the dilemma is over

my parents ROCK! (not that this is news to me, but they totally deserve a shout out!)

so here's the scoop:

i got my "notice" package at work. i knew it was coming and was actually kind of looking forward to it if only so i could ask all of the questions i had milling about in my brain. i called hr and got most of my questions asked.

the bottom line is this: i will get paid through 1/09. which means i'll also still have medical insurance through that time. which is an immense relief. (even though vrock already had his surgery, we're covered for a little bit longer.)

the notice period (60 days - thru 1/16) can either be working or non, but i'll still get paid.

so, i took the plunge and enrolled in the transcription course today. i should receive my books & course materials (sans the laptop which will be sent directly from Dell) either friday or monday. so this time next week, i'll be a student. :)

i'm excited to start on this new path. i don't know yet if my boss will want me to come in for any or all of the notice period but i should find out tomorrow. i know i'll be there through next wed, though.

wow. i'm doing it. (thanks again to mom & dad for the loan!) i'm actively taking hold of my future. it feels good.

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Stacia said...

Good for you! I hope you enjoy it, or at least that it is easy.