Thursday, September 4, 2008

weekend rehash continued....

so let me pick up where i left off.

i'd given vrock his kick ass birthday gift and all was right with the world. we had cake. he couldn't stop looking at the tickets. it was all good.

we decided to go downstairs to the bar and see if we couldn't find some food along with a few refreshing beverages. we get down there and notice that they have a wii set up in the bar. score! we have a wii and love it, so we were excited about the prospect of maybe getting to play. it took a bit to get our drinks and after looking over the menu, we weren't really interested in the food.

by this time, 3 women had descended upon the wii, but they had no idea how to maneuver the main menu to get it to do what they wanted. we talked to them a bit and showed them how to set up the bowling & vrock ended up playing with them. they seemed really cool and told us that they were working a kettlecorn tent at the fair. i watched for a little bit, but i was exhausted and i headed up to bed about halfway through the first game. i figured that vrock would play 1 game, maybe 2 and then come upstairs himself. i got up to the room, got ready for bed and crashed. it was maybe 1am.

3 hours later, my cell rings. it's vrock, asking what our room number is because he can't remember. i tell him and hear the door open a few moments later. (he remembered the floor #, just not the room #) immediately, even though i'm half asleep, i know there's something big time wrong. he's overly emotional. WAY pissed off but also on the verge of tears. i'm wide awake now, asking him what is going on.

before i tell the story, i need to note that vrock is NOT a violent man. AT ALL. he's (as he likes to say) "fun sized", meaning that he's roughly 5 51/2 and 140 pounds. that being said, here's the story i heard:

after playing wii for a bit, the women decided they wanted to go across the street to their hotel. (i know what you're thinking. why did he go?) while i agree that this was a fundamentally stupid thing to do, i also know that there was absolutely NO WAY that anything untoward was going to happen. that's just NOT who vrock is. anyway, they apparently told him that they knew the bartender or whatever across the street and that they could probably get a bottle from the bar. (remember, i had been asleep and jolted out of sleep at 4am to hear this story. for reasons you'll understand once you read this, we haven't really gone back and rehashed the story, so forgive me if this retelling is a little choppy.) so they went. somewhere along the line a big black man had joined them. (according to vrock, he had been in the bar at our hotel, but i never saw him.) no big deal. across the street they go. get their bottle and somehow gain access to the pool across the street.

they go in the pool and vrock keeps his distance from them, close enough to have conversation, but spending most of his time in the hot tub. he's apparently been having a conversation with the youngest of the women and she says something to the effect of how one of the other women gets her "closer to God." now, the next words that come out of my husband's mouth would have been better off left unsaid. however, i don't know that that would have made ANY difference in what transpired next.

vrock says "what? is she your cult leader or something?" granted, a VERY stupid thing to say at any time. let alone when you don't know these people at all and alcohol is involved. bygones. the woman in question starts freaking the fuck out and getting in vrock's face. he argues back with her (something about politics & religion) and decides it's time to go. meanwhile, the other guy has been hanging around watching all of this. i'm not sure if he went in the pool or not, but by the time vrock is out, dude is having words with vrock.

out of nowhere (remember, as this is told to me. i have no first hand knowledge of what went down, but i also have absolutely NO reason to doubt vrock) dude punches vrock in the back of the head. he then PICKS vrock up and THROWS him to the ground. (dude must have outweighed vrock by 100 pounds, or more.) luckily, a plastic chair broke vrock's fall so he wasn't thrown completely to the ground. that small miracle kept vrock from getting seriously injured. it also enabled him to get up and start throwing punches. (something that dude did not figure on.) apparently he knocked dude to the ground and then just snapped. (he's always gotten picked on and "pushed around" because of his size and because people erroneously think that he can't defend himself. he always holds himself in check because he's not a violent person. but he knows how to defend himself and he will if he's pushed to it.) he told me details i won't share here, but suffice it to say that he didn't let dude get back up. and then, he did what i would have done initially. he ran.

by the time he's done with his story, i'm speechless. i have no experience in what to say or even what he wants me to say. i'm afraid. for him, for us. i don't know how badly he may have hurt that dude. granted, it was self defense, but still. i'm in shock. it was ugly. it was BAD. and i'm freaked out.

mostly because we're going to possibly run into these women at the fair the next day (we didn't) and if we did, i had no idea WHAT would happen. it was not a great moment, as you can imagine. even in this retelling, i'm freaking out a bit. as it turns out, nothing else came of it other than a very large and ugly purple bruise on vrock's side. we did see the women at the fair the next day, but they didn't see us, so there was no confrontation. thank God. i honestly don't know what i would have done if it had come to that.

happy fucking birthday, huh?

anyways, there's the "drama" portion of our show. stay tuned. next i'll tell you about how awesome the fair & concert were.

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Stacia said...

Holy crap!!! I would have asked the lady the same thing vrock did though, or another question along the lines of NIN. I'm glad it wasn't worse than it was.