Tuesday, September 2, 2008

exhausted & confused

ok, maybe not confused. but definitely still exhausted! what a long weekend! it was great for the most part. there were some drama filled moments, but other than that it was great!

we left seattle on friday afternoon on the train down to salem, oregon. vrock had never been on a train before and it's always been on his "list". so we could have just ridden the train all weekend and that would have been present enough for him.

we got in a little later than anticipated and after waiting 30 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up, ended up calling a cab to take us to the hotel. (we got a receipt and the hotel reimbursed us for the cab ride.) we went up to the room and after settling in a bit, i gave vrock his birthday gift.

now, i need to give you a little back story in order for you to understand WHY this particular gift meant so much to him. vrock is a born & raised texas boy. he's a die hard texas fan (stars/rangers/cowboys/longhorns/etc.) but he also grew up watching the notre dame fighting irish football team. he's been to see just about ALL of his teams of choice (not including some of his favorite hockey teams) but he has never had the chance to see notre dame in person. when i found out that my beloved washington huskies were hosting the irish this year, the first thing i did was go online to find out if there were tickets available. (we went to a uw-usc game last year and had a blast, so i was hoping i'd be able to score tickets to this game.) predictably, the university web site only had scattered singles. so i went to my friend, stubhub.com and looked there. they had tickets! in roughly the same area we sat last year, which was AWESOME. so i bought them.

then, i proceeded to tell my wonderful husband that "hey! notre dame is coming to play the huskies this year! but, they're sold out. so i guess we get to watch it on tv." (i know, i know. i'm a sneaky little shit, aren't i?) i knew he'd be excited and maybe even freak out a bit. i was right. :) he was, overwhelmed seems like the right word. shocked, maybe? all i know is that he started tearing up, which made me tear up. and i believe the first words out of his mouth (after "holy shit! these are irish tickets!) were "how am i going to top this??"

he was so shocked, he didn't even see the cake i had had delivered to our room prior to check in!

there is more to this story, but i need to get some work done so i'll write more later. i haven't even gotten to the "drama" portion of our weekend.

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