Tuesday, September 16, 2008


so my office moved from the 40th floor to the 39th floor over the weekend. this means that i spent the majority of last week packing and tossing stuff out. the movers came in on friday and moved everything that we had packed up and labeled.

which means this week? i get to unpack almost all of the crap i packed up last week. which also means that i'll be all hot and sweaty (and most likely sore if yesterday was ANY indication) for the remainder of the week. ugh.

on the good news front, vrock got a job last week! it's part time for now, but it's with a great company and we're optimistic that he may be able to get another part time job to supplement. if that happens, the chances of us having to move in with my folks goes down, which would be awesome. we love my parents but, being newlyweds and all, don't really want to move in with them and put all of our stuff in storage. so if you wouldn't mind keeping your fingers crossed? that would be awesome!

now that i'm not all hot and sweaty (for the moment anyways) it's time to resume the unpacking!

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Stacia said...

I'm glad your husband was able to get a part-time job. Hopefully that will either turn full-time, or something better will come along.