Wednesday, September 10, 2008

life of the wife

so it's been almost 5 months since we got married. people still ask me if anything is different. or "how" is being married different than being engaged.

for us? it's not really different at all. my last name changed. that was about all though. and even that was a fairly painless transition. it was weird, to refer to myself by a different last name after 36 years of being "me". but i'm pretty much used to it. i liken it to how when the new year turns the calendar and you REALLY pay attention to the date when you have to write it out so that you don't write the old year. then, about 6 months in, you have a total brain fart and write the old year. it happens. almost every year without fail. i'm still waiting for it to happen when someone asks me for my last name. lol.

granted, there are places i have not been to since we got married. which means that there are still places (like the dentist) who still have all my information under my maiden name. which is fine, but a little weird sometimes.

for example, this morning i had to call and make an appointment to take my car in for some work. i'm taking it to the dealership i bought it from 10 years ago (almost 11 now) and everything was still under my old name. no big deal.

the weird thing was this: i've almost been married long enough that it's weird to think of my old last name as having been my name.

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