Tuesday, September 30, 2008

today's the day

vrock finally gets to go see the specialist today about his chronic sinus infections. i'm at work, so i won't be going with him to ask all the questions i want answers to. damn. i did talk to vrock last night about the main things i wanted answered, so hopefully he remembers to ask those, at least.

we're both figuring that he's going to have to have surgery. what we don't know is the following:

1. will he have to be put completely under? if so, will he need me to stay home that day to "watch" him for the first 24 hours after surgery?

2. how long will he HAVE to be out from work? he just started this job last week and they sent him home last night because on top of all his sinus issues, we think he's getting a cold too.

3. when can he have the surgery? if he hadn't already promised his brother that he'd feed their damn dogs from the 3rd to the 13th, he could do it this friday without too much disruption of our lives. as it is, he did promise so it would be a major hassle to try to do it this weekend. then, next friday, my brother & his girlfriend are coming up for the weekend from california. THEN, on the 25th we have the uw vs. notre dame football game. so, you see the dilemma. right now the IDEAL weekend would be the 17th. hopefully that's an option because we don't want to push it too far out. and if he is getting a cold, they probably won't want to operate until that passes.

his appointment is at 1:15 and it's only 9:37 here. so i'll have to hang out all day and wait to hear from him, hopefully around 2 about what the verdict is.

have i mentioned that patience is NOT my strong suit?? ugh!

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