Tuesday, September 30, 2008

big game hunter

this is bob. he is the absolute sweetest cat i think i've ever owned. he's big (15 pounds) but he's not fat at all and he always wants to play. he can be needy (especially if his "person" vrock isn't home) but over all he's a great cat. as a rule we do not let him or his sister gabby outside.

once we moved to the apartment, vrock started leaving the back door open to the patio when he was outside to see if bob would come outside. he now goes outside only if one of us is on the patio. (we have quite a few dogs in our apartment complex, so i am adamant about not letting the cat out if we're not out there to keep an eye on him.)since he's sort of gotten used to going outside he'll now sit at the back door and really look out. he doesn't really try to go out often.

well, last night my sweet boy wanted to go outside. BADLY. i was in on the computer and since vrock had been sent home from work because he was sick, he was sitting in the living room watching the football game. he called me over to look at our cat. he was pacing back and forth and trying to get outside. (the glass sliding door was open but the screen was closed.) it was obvious he wanted to get outside. and at first we couldn't figure out why. then we saw it: a little white mouse was on the patio. and bob could see it. and he wanted to get to it. i don't think he wanted to kill it. the cat has ALWAYS been an indoor cat and as such does not have ANY experience with anything other than bugs & spiders. i think he was just interested in it because it was moving and it didn't seem to care AT ALL that this big furry 15 pound cat wanted to get at it.

and THAT was the funniest part about the whole thing. here bob is running back and forth between our bedroom and the back door (our window sills in the bedrooms are very low to the ground to where bob can sit on them and look at the patio) so he could "track" the mouse's movement. vrock was just about in hysterics and kept asking me if he should let bob out. um, negative ghost writer.

that's all i need. for my "big game hunter" of a cat to take off after this mouse once it does start running. no thanks!

now i ask you, does this look like a "big game hunter" to you? me neither.

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