Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the first birthday as a wife

so my birthday is coming up. traditionally, i don't like to have a "big deal" made of my birthday, because, after all, it's just a day. if someone asks me what i want as a gift, i usually say "i don't know". not that i'm trying to be difficult or anything. i just don't usually want something that is within the range of whoever is asking.

for example? i WANT a new computer, a job for my husband, a HD television roughly 40+ inches. i don't expect anyone to purchase those things for me, even if they were a joint gift to vrock & myself. (another reason i love my husband. his birthday is 7 days after mine. it's almost impossible for him to forget my birthday.) sure. there are things that i WANT. unfortunately for me, most of those things are so out of the birthday present range that i usually say that there's nothing i need. which, is mostly true. i DO "need" for my husband to find a job. unfortunately i don't know that many people that have the capability to give that kind of gift.

so when vrock asked me what i wanted for my birthday, i had a ready reply. i wanted a wii fit. we've had a wii for a while. it's awesome. all kinds of crazy games, most of which we enjoy playing together. we even kill zombies together! i tell you, this is a GREAT relationship! lol. so, since my dad works under an umbrella of best buy, and i KNOW how much of a pain it was to find the wii zapper around christmas in the seattle area, i asked my dad (he was going to california for work) to see if he could find a wii fit down there. he did. and even though my birthday isn't for 2.5 weeks, i got my present on saturday. and holy mother, it's HARD to do some of these "excercises". but? it's also FUN! and if you're even a little bit competitive? look out. you'll have excercised for 40+ minutes without realizing it. i was very pleasantly surprised.

my husband gets big points for my wii fit! it's a good thing that i already have his present all picked out for his birthday. luckily, i think it will top even the wii fit.

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