Monday, August 4, 2008

becoming acclimated to newlywed status

so we've been married for just over 3 months. and other than dealing with job issues (mostly lack of jobs for most of those months) things are going great. we haven't had a big fight (we argue on occassion, but that's about it) and when one of us is sick (it's ususally me) the other one steps it up and takes care of everything. i'm a very lucky woman to have found my equal in my husband. he is an amazing partner for me and i'm not just saying that because he does most of the cooking. that's part of it, of course. lol. but overall, i think all of my friends actually like my husband.

you know there's always a friend (or two) where you look at her relationship with her man and you just can't figure out how that works? we are not one of those couples. we work because we're total dorks and can be TOTAL DORKS together. joyfully we found this out quite early in our relationship. within 2 weeks of our first date we were finishing each others sentences like an old married couple. instead of calling each other "dear" or "honey" or "sweetheart", we use "fucker". as in.... "i love you fucker". there is always humor when we speak to each other and it makes us not take ourselves too seriously. we can remember that what drew us together in the first place was our personalities and our goofiness.

in fact, my best friend from high school came to vegas for the wedding in april and met vrock for the first time. after meeting him and talking to him for a bit, she looked at me & said "he is PERFECT for you!" to which i said something along the lines of "DUH!" this is how compatible we are.

that doesn't mean that there won't be little bumps and things we need to get used to now that we're living together as man & wife. there are always small things one does that annoys the spouse and vice versa. but those things are minor. for which i'm eternally grateful. there was a long time when i never thought i was going to be lucky enough to marry my best friend. well, i did. and i'm overjoyed. he IS perfect for me. and together we make a good team.

now, if we could only stop getting funny looks when we look at each other and say "i love you, fucker!"

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