Tuesday, July 14, 2009

we have reached week 36

and i am SO FLIPPING READY for this little boy to be born.

the hip pain is gone, but now it's settled into the the center of my hips (as opposed to being just in one hip or the other like it was before.) so that means everytime i roll over in bed, i hurt. lovely. i'd still rather that than the pain with every other step that i was dealing with.

i've started on the weekly doc visits. last week i was VERY excited that i'd only gained 1 pound from the previous visit, 3 weeks earlier. woot! that was good. i go back tomorrow so we'll see how well i did this week. the doc told me last time that everything looked great and on track. i see my regular doc this week & next and if nothing has happened by next week, we'll schedule the induction for the due date. (i see his partners the last few visits, so i want to make sure it gets scheduled, just in case.)

tomorrow is also my mom's birthday. she's going with me to the appointment and the plan is to go to lunch after and then to see harry potter. (vrock has no desire to see it, and mom reads the books, so it works out.) depending on how crowded the theater is will make the decision if we actually see the movie or not. if not? i'll be back up there next week for another appointment and will go see it then.

i'm almost done with the twilight series, with only about 250-300 pages left in breaking dawn. still can't really understand what all the fanatacism is about with that series. it's no harry potter, that's for sure. it's been an enjoyable read, but i'll be selling the books to the used book store when i'm done. no need to re-read them.

got some bad news today, but i'm not really ready to share, as it's not my news to share. i would really appreciate some extra prayers though. any good thoughts would be great.

i'm going to try to keep updated on this the next month or so, but i can't promise anything. i'm in countdown mode. 28 days to go, should he be stubborn like his parents and not come until his due date. that will be my luck. LOL although, with only 3 chapter submissions and the final left to take for class, that could be a good thing. at least then i'd HOPEFULLY be done with class and wouldn't have to worry about having to still take the final!

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uthostage said...

Tell mom Happy Berfday from me! :D Glad the pain has become more manageable, even if only somewhat. You'll have to tell me how HP is, cuz I'm not sure I'm gonna go see it in the theater. I'll call you soon! Love you!