Thursday, April 2, 2009

t-minus 11

work days, that is.

eleven days. that just seems so weird!

it also means that i'm 4 weeks & 1 day away from leaving for hawaii for a family reunion of sorts. which means i'll get to see my brother & his fiancee' for the first time since she became his fiancee' in feb and that they'll get to see me for the first time since we told them at christmas that we're pregnant & asked them to be the godparents. all in all, i expect it to be a great vacation. i just hope i can find some decent maternity shorts between now and then.

and speaking of maternity clothes, why is it that if whatever article of clothing you're looking at ISN'T a solid color it's HIDEOUS??? i can't quite figure this out. i've found ONE, count it, ONE cute maternity top. (ie: something that ISN'T just a tshirt/tank top) ALL of the others that i've actually seen? FUGLY! i don't get it. you'd think SOMEONE would figure out how to make ALL maternity clothes cute. what's even worse? you find a cute shirt (in other words, you like the cut, etc.) but they've made it in the WORST possible print possible. i'm sorry. i don't feel the need to look like a circus tent when i go out in public.

that being said, this is what my maternity wardrobe consists of:
  1. 1-black tank top
  2. 1-grey tshirt
  3. 2-royal blue tshirts (1 v-neck, 1 rounded neck)
  4. 1-black tshirt
  5. 1-red tshirt
  6. 1-red polo type shirt
  7. 1-cornflower blue tshirt style, with tie-backs
  8. various xl or xxl victoria's secret/old navy tank tops
  9. 3-pairs maternity jeans that i only have to pull up every other 5 minutes
  10. 3-pairs black maternity yoga pants (SO COMFORTABLE!)
  11. 1-pair jean shorts
  12. 1-pair cotton type shorts (that i'm not sure will fit by hawaii)
  13. 2-pair grey maternity pants, suitable for work

that is IT. i may have 2 other tank tops that are specifically maternity, but it's a bare bones wardrobe. i'll be 25 1/2 weeks by the time we leave for hawaii. i'd toyed with the idea of getting a maternity swim suit, but i may just try to wear one of my tankini's instead of buying something. i can't find ANY cute little sun dresses or anything like that to wear in hawaii, so this will be challenging.

any ideas where i can find ANYTHING that's cute? i've planned an outing to the local motherhood maternity at our outlets, probably the week after i'm done with work. (mom & i will no doubt also hit the carter's outlet there too, for the little guy.) i've gotten the few things i have at target & penneys. help!


Stacia said...

You have more maternity clothes than I did, but, I didn't work, it was summertime, and my husband was deployed, so it didn't really matter what I looked like! I either got my stuff at Goodwill, Target or Motherhood Maternity. Hope you find something cute for HI.

uthostage said...

you might try lane bryant/torrid/avenue hun. they might have some cute stuff in larger sizes that will be comfy for ya. and since they're not 'specialty' clothes, you can maybe find better prices or some great sales. just a thought.