Wednesday, April 29, 2009

25 weeks & vacation errands

so it was pointed out to me that i haven't posted in almost 3 weeks. (thanks stace! LOL) and with the trip looming up, i figured i'd best post BEFORE we left for hawaii on friday, otherwise it'd likely be ANOTHER week & a half before i was able to post. so, here i am.

i've been unemployed for not quite 2 weeks, and i don't think i've EVER been this busy! it's crazy. here's a sampling of what's been going on the last 2 weeks, broken down by day:

  • mon (1st day unemployed) - trip to costco & target, which took almost all day
  • tues - trip to the outlets with my mom, and to pick up some baby clothes & a bassinet from people
  • wed - errands for the trip & a chiropractor appointment for vrock
  • thurs - trip to the nearest joann's with mom to find some cute maternity patterns for later in the pregnancy, along with other trip related errands.
  • fri - blissfully NOTHING was planned out and i did some spring cleaning stuff
  • sat - one of the local communities has a yearly garage sale weekend, & i went with my folks. scored some good baby stuff (clothes, brand new pacifiers, size 1 diapers) and a few other things and only spent $16!
  • sun - pre natal massage & out to dinner with vrock for our 1 year anniversary
  • mon - doctor appointment (everything looks great! no issues other than the norm of heartburn & aching hips), lunch with mom, more shopping for the trip & a mani-pedi.
  • tues - trip to storage to pick up & drop off stuff, over to a friends' house to drop off some baby girl clothes i'd picked up for her from one of the freecycle people
  • today - took my folks to the airport this morning. the rest of the day? probably studying, laundry, clearing out the tivo. stuff that needs to be done, but that i can do from home.

so you see, it's not that i haven't WANTED to write. it's that by the end of each day i've been EXHAUSTED!

now i'm off to warm up vrock's lunch before he leaves for work (more on that later!) and then i can maybe take a nap later this afternoon!

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uthostage said...

i'm still jealous! & telling you to write hasn't done much in getting me to write. ROFL i should totally practice what i preach! i have ideas, but my muse seems to have taken a sabbatical & i don't know when she will return. maybe after the next full moon.