Thursday, March 19, 2009

just about the halfway mark

in 4 days we have our ultrasound.

in 5 days i officially am 20 weeks, the halfway mark.

it's been an interesting time. i'm excited for the ultrasound. we'll get to see the baby and how it's developing and all that. then of course, we *may* get to find out the sex, which is always exciting. (although just about EVERYONE i know thinks that it's a girl. won't they be surprised if it's not? LOL) i've been reading my books (pregnancy & other) and reading the zero to forty blog written by the lovely amalah during her last pregnancy and was a little flabbergasted yesterday to realize that my stomach is no longer *squishy*. instead? it's rock hard. (at least in the front to center area where my uterus apparently has taken up residence.)

and the last few days i've finally caught the "heartburn train" that i had so far avoided. joy. i'm not really excited about that part, however since i've gotten off fairly lightly as far as some of the other less than pleasant pregnancy syptoms go, i guess i can't complain too terribly much. my hips ache all the time and it's hard to get comfortable to sleep. but. i slept through the night last night WITHOUT having to get up to pee. it's a small victory, but i'll take it.

now, i'd like to start feeling some movements from the little one. think it's too early to start bossing the kid around?

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