Monday, February 2, 2009

edited to add photo:meet the jumping bean

we haven't come up with a nickname for the baby yet, so jumping bean will work for now.

especially after today's performance!

we went in for the genetic testing this morning complete with ultrasound. we got to hear the heartbeat (154 bpm) and of course see the bean on the screen. and let me tell you, that little one did NOT want to stay in one position long enough for the sonographer to get her measurements! (hence the nickname jumping bean. although, to be fair, this baby is 1/4 mexican/latino/whatever you want to call it, courtesy of vrock. LOL)

according to the genetic counselor, everything looks good. we'll get the final blood results sometime in the next 7-10 days. i have another appointment on monday with my regular ob. all in all a good visit. the bean was VERY active during the scan (vrock kept saying he/she is camera shy what with all the movement!)

the biggest surprise? the bean is measuring 13 weeks 3 days. according to the in room scan my doctor did on 1/12, i should only be 12 weeks 4 days as of today. (although from my lmp, i was dating at 12 weeks 6 days) so i guess we'll have to see. since the difference was less than 5 days, the sonographer said that they wouldn't change my due date so we're still looking at 8/11.

if i can remember to do it, i'll add the "photo" tonight when i get home. provided i can get my scanner/printer to cooperate. moving is such fun. (LMAO i just typed "moving is suck fun" before correction. i think that's MUCH more accurate!)

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Stacia said...

Aren't the sonograms amazing! I cried the first couple of times they did them. Navy Bean moved all the time too! That means when you're able to feel it, you're in for some fun!