Tuesday, December 2, 2008


i'm not sure what's wrong with me but i haven't been feeling 100% for a while now.

last week it was the massive exhaustion. i figured that it was just stress catching up to me. or stress from the holidays. the last 2 days it's been back pain and waking up at 3am. throw in a little congestion when i first wake up (i attribute that to the fan that vrock has going at night) and the general feeling of lethargy and i don't know what to think.

i've got 6 weeks left at work, unless something drastic happens. i've got 8 weeks left of insurance unless we pony up for cobra, which i'm not sure will be possible.

all i know is i'm tired of being tired and of not feeling 100%. make it stop.


Stacia said...

Could you be pregnant? Being extra tired is a sign and most people don't know this, so is congestion. I was congested the entire time I was pregnant and it went away after I gave birth.

stayc said...

are you feeling any better yet? i was also wondering if you might be preggers........