Monday, August 11, 2008

hallelujah! it's working!

so i tried to post on friday. i typed the whole entry up, hit "publish". and exactly nothing happened.

blogger, it seems, was on the fritz.

i looked today while i was at work and this screen? the create a post screen? was all kinds of screwed up. wtf?

so what did i do instead of blogging today? i did research. you would think that by "doing research" i'd mean for something work related. you would be wrong.

vrock & i have been talking about the feasability of attending the vancouver 2010 olympics. it's only going to be about 5-6 hours away. we could take the train (for CHEAP!) and if we were able to get a hotel room with a kitchenette? we wouldn't have to spends mass quantities of money on food. plus, how cool would it be to actually get to go to an olympics? it will, most likely be the closest one ever to us, unless seattle gets awarded one down the road. we'd get to go to another country. (yes, i've been to canada once before, but it was 1986, for expo 86 and i was in high school, so i didn't get to do anything cool.) and since we didn't go on a honeymoon, i'm guessing that this could be a suitable alternative.

even if it will be almost 2 years that we'll have been married by the time it rolls around.

now, if he only gets the job he interviewed for today, we can start putting a chunk of money away for this "rainy day". wish us luck.

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